To produce the state and recreation plans, the Recreation and Conservation Office relied on primary research, advisory committees, and public engagement. Below are the main resources used in the planning process.


The Recreation and Conservation Office conducted primary research to support the state’s planning efforts. The data generated from this research was analyzed and informed the priorities and recommendations in the state plans. Research included a quantitative survey of the general population about their outdoor recreation activities and a qualitative survey of organizations that provide outdoor recreation opportunities to the public. Results from the research are in the written reports below.

Assessment of Demand

Eastern Washington University conducted a random survey of the general population to determine outdoor recreation needs and assess future demand for recreation opportunities. The report includes data and analysis on the rates of participation in specific recreation activities, the frequency (in user days) of their activity, the public’s satisfaction with opportunities and facilities, and general categories of where recreation is occurring.

Provider Survey Results

A report assessing outdoor recreation and conservation issues identified in a survey of public and private professionals and service providers

Washington State Trails Data Strategic Plan

A plan specifically about how to maintain and improve the trails data in the mapped inventory of outdoor recreation facilities and conservation lands.


It was critical in the state’s planning efforts to engage a broad and diverse set of interests as well as developing new ways to inform and collect feedback from the public. The Recreation and Conservation Office developed informal and formal methods to involve those interested in outdoor recreation and conservation efforts. Efforts included formal presentations to organizations and forums, briefings at public meetings, informal meetings with user groups, engaging grant program advisory committee members, and surveys.

The office also formed a Planning Advisory Committee to provide assistance and feedback on the agency’s planning efforts. The members of the committee contributed greatly to the planning work providing feedback on the drafts plans and advising on public outreach efforts. The office acknowledges the committee’s tremendous effort. For a list of committee members, click here.

Public Participation Report

A report that describes outreach efforts, participation results, and comments received on the state plans.