A key piece of the state’s planning efforts was to create maps as a resource to inform and prioritize recommendations for the future. Three maps were created to inform the state and others about the geographic location and distribution of parks, trails, and conserved lands, and the population characteristics surrounding them.

Mapped Inventory is an inventory of outdoor recreation and conservation land and facilities. The mapped inventory is the foundation for understanding the current resources available and planning to address the public’s demand for recreation opportunities.

Grant Application Data Tool
is a tool for applicants applying for grants in 2018 from the Recreation and Conservation Funding Board. The grant application data tool identifies specific population characteristics that are important to implementing the board’s Unifying Strategy. Applicants applying for grants today should use the most recent Grant Application Data Tool.

Level of Service Analysis is an assessment of the geographic distribution of recreation and conservation lands across the state. This “level of service” analysis measures park equity and the distribution and access to parks based on different types of facilities available.