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Washington State Public Lands Inventory
The Public Lands Inventory focuses on natural resource and recreation lands and shows ownership (federal, by agency; state, by agency; local government, by county or city), ownership type (fee simple or assumed fee simple; aquatic, upland, or assumed upland), location, acreage, principal use (developed recreation, habitat and passive recreation, revenue generation, conservation, assumed habitat and passive recreation, other, or unknown), and the date and cost of recent acquisitions (within the past ten years). More information about this data.
Lands Metadata
Public Lands Inventory Map

Boat Launch Map
Boat launch information
from WA RCO and DFW.

Boat Moorage Map
Boat moorage information
from WA RCO and DFW.
The Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO) provides these geographic data "as is." RCO makes no guarantee or warranty concerning the accuracy of information contained in the geographic data. Further, RCO makes no warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, no representation as to the quality of any data, and assumes no liability for the data represented here. These data should be used cautiously because they are not exhaustive, and are subject to change. The RCO does not restrict the use of this data, except that it may not be copyrighted.